Looking for a fun, dynamic, meaningful, adventurous and (yeah, we’re going to say it) life-changing experience? On a Birthright Israel trip with Israel Experts, you’ll experience all of that and so much more. Imagine yourself exploring one of the coolest cities in the world while eating the best falafel of your life, wandering through the desert by camel-back, dancing the night away with a group of new friends and old, swimming in the sea surrounded by stunning desert views, making Israeli s’mores by the campfire while sitting under a sky full of stars, and venturing through an old city that’s bursting at the seams with stories of YOUR history. From north to south, east to west, you’ll be surprised by all of the unexpected moments you’ll experience over the ten days of your Birthright Israel trip. We hope you’ll get outside of your comfort zone– whether it’s trying new foods, hiking for the first time, encountering ideas and viewpoints that may challenge your own, or simply exploring a foreign (yet familiar) land.

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Explore our awesome trip options below – there’s something for everyone! All of our Birthright Israel trips are FREE, 10-days, co-ed and appropriate for all Jewish backgrounds.

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