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Why Israel is the Best Country for Running

A Runner's Guide to Israel

Ros Roucher
Running with Birthright Israel

Planning a trip to Israel? Do it with the best birthright trip organizers Then don’t forget to pack your running shoes! Those of you who are runners know that running on a vacation or work trip is the best way to see a new place. Early morning runners learn the lay-out of a city and go far beyond the beaten track. By running through Israel’s cities and rural areas you add a deeper layer of understanding about the country and get to know the habits of the people and the place.

Take Tel Aviv as an example-run with the natives! Join hundreds of people each morning on the Tel Aviv promenade which stretches from Jaffa to Herzliya. The fresh air and breeze will refresh you and make you forget any hint of jet lag. You’ll find serious runners and casual runners along with walkers out to get the day started right. Feel free to gawk- there’s no better way to appreciate the beautiful and interesting people of Israel. Run away from the sea through the streets. Get lost, find your way, look in every store window and smell the fresh pastries being baked.

In Jerusalem, brave the hills to catch magnificent glimpses of the Old City from all different angles. Sunrise or sunset over the Old City is magnificent. In the northern Israel, run through the beautiful Kibbutz fields - see what’s being grown and capture the beauty of nature. Since I moved to Israel nine years ago I’ve seen a huge increase in runners on the streets in the morning and the evening.

There are so many races in Israel that you could run one each weekend! Running groups abound and attract runners of all ages. Take running in Israel to the next level by visiting Israel for a major race- there’s nothing like running the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem Marathon! Get a true runners’ high in the Holy Land!

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