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What Makes Tel Aviv Israel’s Innovation Capital?

Find out more about the Start Up Nation's Stand Out City

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Tel Aviv is Israel’s financial and technology capital and houses the best startup ecosystem outside of the United States, a Compass (formerly Startup Genome) report indicates, highlighting the city’s ultra-techie ambiance and the masses of talented innovators flocking to Tel Aviv from all over the country - and the world. Bursting with determined business founders, executives and revolutionary new companies promoting cutting-edge patents and approaches, the seaside “city that never stops,” exudes innovation, holding international conferences and implementing leading developments city-wide.

“Tel Aviv is the Start Up City of the Start Up Nation,” said Gilad Uziely, Director of Economic Development of Tel Aviv Global, an initiative of the Mayor’s office to elevate the city’s global positioning. He added that “Innovation is part of the basic DNA of the people of Tel Aviv.” Here are some of the reasons why:

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King of the co-working space 

The city of Tel Aviv establishes subsidized co-working hubs, available for use by freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. The sponsored work spaces, including Mazeh 9, “The Library” and Atidim 7, inspire creativity, bolster professional collaboration and encourage startup growth among Israel’s next generation of innovators. 

The city is also home to private collaborative workspace options, where young startups can rent small offices in shared buildings on a short-term basis. Additional services, including a copy machine, kitchenette and restroom access, are used by all. 

Free digital services offered city-wide

With programs for sustainable urban development, as well as free, city-wide wireless internet and digital city information access via email and smartphone, it’s no wonder that young adults, students and entrepreneurs flock to Tel Aviv. With the click of a button, anyone at any of the city’s eateries, startup hubs or outdoor attractions can inquire about local bus times, obtain information on city events (and discounts) and determine optimal travel routes, avoiding heavy traffic and roadwork. 

International conferences bring innovation home

A chief promoter of the stimulation of entrepreneurial spirit, Tel Aviv hosts several global innovation conferences and events each year, including Start Tel Aviv, an international startup competition sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tel Aviv Global. Only the world’s best innovators take part in the five-day event, held during the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, an annual conference focusing on various aspects of digital, social, technological and urban innovation and exhibiting the greatest companies, artists, entrepreneurs and investors from all over Israel and abroad.

A veritable innovation hub populated by the smartest, most creative and most determined minds and the birthplace of scores of groundbreaking inventions, Tel Aviv is by far the place to be for those looking to make it big in development. Been on a Birthright Israel tour and want to dip your toes into the Israeli innovation pool? Head to Tel Aviv and walk along the path of the future.


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