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Passage to Israel: A Must Read Ahead of Your Israel Visit

Passage to Israel enables its audience to journey through time and across Israeli terrain

Israel Experts Staff
Passage To Israel

No matter your age, heritage, background or interests, your first trip to Israel will be one for the memory books. Whether you will be touring the country privately or are set to join a Birthright Israel group , you are sure to visit sites of vast historical and religious significance, view breathtaking architectural structures and immerse yourself in the rich local culture. Before boarding the airplane and embarking upon this momentous trip, take some time to rifle through the vibrant photographs appearing in the pages of this month’s “Israeli Book Club” pick, Passage to Israel, Karen Lehrman Bloch’s illustrious tribute to the Holy Land. Reading through the book’s Foreword by Chloe Simone Valdary and author’s note and scanning the hundreds of images taken by 34 innovative contemporary photographers will both excite and enlighten you ahead of your own trip to Israel, making your Israel trip that much more remarkable once you have landed at Ben Gurion Airport and begin to witness the subjects of the captured images in real life.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With minimal written explanation, Passage to Israel enables its audience to journey through time and across Israeli terrain, discovering unique topographic structures, deep cultural and religious roots and a unique perspective on human life and interactions.

As you turn page after page of the passionately curated book, you will witness how the tiny country simply exudes importance; how despite its small stature, Israel uniquely bridges between Africa, Asia and Europe - and the cultures, traditions and rituals customarily practiced in the region. You will learn how the tiny desert land that is home to members of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bedouin, Druze and Bahai faiths has blossomed and flourished since the establishment of the State in 1948. You will appreciate how each faith and its culture has contributed to the country and its architecture - all aspects that will deepen your connection to the land and will make your first Israel trip that much more special. 

This month, as you prepare to join the scores of tourists taking advantage of their winter vacations and visiting Israel for the first time, get ahead of the game. Before you set off on your Birthright Israel trip, grab this month’s “Israeli Book Club” pick, Passage to Israel, by Karen Lehrman Bloch, a photo journal exalted by New York Times bestselling author Bruce Feller as a reminder of “why this singular land has stirred such passion for thousands of years,” and a book that “gives you a heightened glimpse into the depth and diversity of a land that speaks to the modern and the mystical,” according to Jewish rap star Matisyahu. 


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