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How to Make the Most of your Wintertime Trip to Israel

Winter is the perfect time to visit - here are a few reasons why!

Israel Experts
Snow on Birthright Israel

Israel is such a small country, that one can drive between the country’s northern and southern borders in less than six hours. Wintertime is when this is most advantageous to tourists, as they can easily travel relatively short distances and experience varying geographical terrains, weather conditions and attractions. Birthright Israel tour  in the winter as well as during the summer, providing life-altering tours of Israel, fit for any weather condition.


Visit sites plagued by the heat during summertime

Summer heat can discourage tourists from visiting some of Israel’s more popular attractions. Once the seasonal heat waves have cooled, hiking trails and tourist attractions such as Masada and the nearby Dead Sea beaches become pleasant and enjoyable activities. Sites in the Arava and Negev deserts are most ideal to visit, as they experience less rain during the winter than other regions in the country.


Check out the Hermon

Mount Hermon is not always snow-capped, but cool winter weather does increase the likelihood that the site will be open to skiers and snowboarders. Visitors can also enjoy the site’s cable car ride, alpine coaster, sledding, and restaurant dining.

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Find ways to keep warm on chilly days

The Hamat Gader thermo-mineral springs provide a warm and relaxing outdoor activity, enjoyable even when the weather is cold. An on-site hotel and spa further enables visitors to unwind indoors in the event that the local winter weather becomes uncomfortable.


Plan ahead for rainy days

Despite Israel’s mild climate, the country does experience much-needed rainy days during the winter months. Yet, Israelis do not hibernate from December to February. While outdoor attractions may be temporarily shuttered due to rain or sandstorms, indoor activities and enclosed sites remain open as usual and become ideal tourist attractions. Tourists can select from a wide variety of museums, heritage and memorial centers, factory tours and interactive workshops, depending on their locations and preferences. For instance, families with young children might prefer visiting the De Karina chocolate factory and taking part in its workshops, while adults may opt instead to tour the Golan Heights  Winery and taste its succulent libations; both located in the Golan Heights, just a short drive from one another.

Israel may be small, but the country teems with nature, heritage and tourist attractions. The relatively mild winter weather makes visiting some of the country’s sites more pleasant than during the summer. Trips should be planned to take full advantage of the cooler temperatures, while taking into account that indoor alternatives might be necessary. If you’re between the ages of 18-26 and are eligible for a Birthright Israel trip, come during the winter time with Israel Experts, where ten intensive days of traveling throughout the country will undoubtedly form memories to last a lifetime. 


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