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Five of Israel's Best Beaches

Discover some of the best beaches in Israel!

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Attention lovers of sand and sea! Welcome to Israel. Graced with three seas; the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, as well as a famous lake - the Kinneret, the country is rife with beaches. The key is finding the best beaches to suit your needs; proximity to where you’re staying, cleanliness, nearby amenities, perhaps even less crowding. 

Here are five of the country’s best beaches, cleverly interspersed throughout the country: 

Beit Yannai Beach - Netanya region

Restored in 1994 and managed by the Israel Parks and Nature Authority, the Beit Yannai Beach, located north of Netanya, is quiet, immaculate and wheelchair accessible. As it is slightly off the beaten path and less populated than beaches in more touristy locations, Beit Yannai is considered to be a gem and one of Israel’s best beaches. The site is a popular kite surfing locale, also open to overnight camping and has on-site showers and restaurants. 

Coral Reef Beach- Eilat

This popular snorkeling and diving reef is also a family-friendly beach zone. Visitors can rent snorkeling gear and take an up-close look at the natural coral reefs and local sea creatures, or splash in the Red Sea and frolick in the sand. With an on-site kiosk and showers and the rest of Eilat’s tourism industry nearby, the Coral Reef Beach is a little piece of heaven amid a bustling vacation hotspot.

Banana Beach- Tel Aviv

Looking for a tranquil place to unwind by the Tel Aviv shoreline? Banana Beach, located along the city’s southern edge near Jaffa, is less populated than the city’s other beaches. It is by far Tel Aviv’s cleanest beach and is shockingly beautiful. During the week, beachgoers lounge, swim, surf and play paddleball. On Friday nights, the beach is transformed into a bohemian stomping ground, with singing, dancing and drum circles filling the warm, salty air.

Aqueduct Beach - Caesarea

Set among ancient Roman ruins, Caesarea’s Aqueduct Beach is covered in pristinely beautiful white sand. As the site does not boast any nearby facilities, the beach is less frequented by the masses, making this beach a great and quiet relaxation spot.

Dado Zamir Beach - Haifa

Unlike most Israeli beaches, Haifa’s Dado Zamir Beach is surrounded by spectacular gardens. This beach is accompanied by all possible amenities, easily accessible via a long boardwalk promenade. Here, there is something for everyone: eateries, a dance area, a wading pool, playground and more. 

Great beaches can be found throughout Israel and are regularly enjoyed by locals and tourists. Birthright combines intensive touring of Israel with downtime and leisure activities at some of Israel’s most popular beaches. Those who have already been on Birthright, or are looking for beaches that are a little more remote, quiet and clean, should visit the above-mentioned beaches and will be sure to have an exceptional time. 

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