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Explore Tel Aviv By Bike: The Best Tips and Places to Ride

Riding a Bike Across Tel Aviv

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Biking in Tel Aviv

Birthright Israel trips have long provided tourists with exciting visits to Tel Aviv. What if you’re visiting Tel Aviv on your own? What if you don’t want to miss out on touring time by getting stuck in endless traffic jams and having to search for available parking spots? Opt instead to travel by bike. Many tourists have found that touring Tel Aviv on a bicycle is exhilarating and allows the biker to truly experience the city’s natural beauty. 

Take in the seascape while riding through the Tel Aviv Port

An expansive wooden promenade lined with shops, entertainment venues and eateries, the Tel Aviv Port is a fun-filled bike spot. Day and night, the port is always full of tourists and locals and provides much to see and do for bikers of all ages, abilities and interests making their way through the area.

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Work up a sweat before cooling off at the beach

Bikers may start their trips at the Tel Aviv Port, or choose to begin further south on the city’s boardwalk, where the commercial establishments a bit more scarce and little separates the biker from the adjacent sand and sea. Feeling heated and in need of a rest? Not a problem. Take a break from cycling and cool off in the sea, or re-energize with an artik (popsicle) sold by a beach vendor as you lay on top of the sand. There are many nearby areas where bicycles can be securely locked up, so cyclists can make the most of the sun, sand and sea.

Before heading out…

The Tel Aviv sun is strong and bike riding can be exhausting in the heat. Always wear a helmet and sunscreen and pack lots of water. You can nosh along the way with snacks bought at one of the many local shops and restaurants, so there is no need to lug a heavy backpack, which would make the journey more cumbersome and tiring. Be sure to follow bike path markers so that you can safely enjoy the local sites as you pedal along. Visiting and don’t have a bike? You can easily rent one throughout the city at one of the many green rental stands..

Cycling around Tel Aviv is an exciting way to get to know the bustling city and grants special access to its quieter, more scenic areas as well. Tourists seeking a more in-depth encounter with Tel Aviv should inquire into Birthright Israel tour, which engage tourists in fun activities, while better acquainting them with the local region and fostering a love for modern-day Israel.


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