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Sam Schwarz Birthright Israel
Jul 31

“What was you favorite part of Israel.” It’s been the nonstop question that I have received since returning from my trip on June 25th, and I still don’t think I have an answer to it.

Hannah Cotton Birthright Israel
Jul 31

I chose to go on Birthright with Israel Experts because I had friends who recommended the trips.

Nate Kaplan Birthright Israel
Jul 09

Read what Nate Kaplan, a participant on our first Birthright Israel group of Summer 2017, has to say about his incredible Discover Israel trip last month!

Rachael Kallman Birthright Israel
Aug 24

On July 31st at the JFk airport, I met 38 strangers all going on the same Birthright Israel with Israel Experts trip as I was. Upon our return, I realized in just ten short days the 38 strangers and the Israelis I met became family. Everything about my trip to Israel was profound.

Jordana Lipsitz Birthright Israel
Aug 23

Get ready for an unorthodox opinion, but the best part of my life-changing birthright trip was that I learned to be happy with alone-time. Stay with me here, y'all, though it might be hard because I know we hear "alone" and immediately equate that sensation to "friendless" or "lonely." But my trip on good 'ole #IR36305 taught me that alone can be a beautiful thing.

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