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Birthright Eligibility Rules


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Birthright Eligibility Rules

The gift of a Birthright Israel is designed to offer an introductory educational peer experience. The trip is available to Jewish young adults ages 18-26 all over the world. For Birthright Israel eligibility requirements, you are Jewish if you have at least one Jewish parent (mother or father) and consider yourself to be Jewish, or if you have completed a conversion course (certification will be required).
AGE 18-26
All participants must be between 18 and 26 and have finished high school by the time their trip departs. If you are turning 27 prior to May 1 for summer trips or December 1 for winter trips, your are not eligible to participate in the upcoming round of trips. if you turn 27 ON or AFTER May 1 then you ARE eligible and this will be your LAST CHANCE! We give priority to ages 25+.
If you have been to Israel before but only with family or on personal business, you are still eligible. However, if you have been to Israel as part of a touring group, educational program, study program or an organized extended residential program for less then 3 months before you turned 18 years old, you may be eligible. If you participated on the March of the Living when you were in high school you are eligible to participate on one of the programs once you turn 22 years of age. If you were born in Israel or are an Israeli citizen you are only eligible if you left Israel before the age of 12. If you have served in the Israeli Army you are not eligible, however if you volunteered on an Army base in Israel (ie. Sar-el, Marva, Gadna, etc.) under the age of 18 for less than 3 months you are eligible. If you were born in Israel or have held Israeli citizenship or have held an Israeli passport you are not eligible unless you can prove by official documentation that you left Israel before the age of 12. If you have Israeli citizenship and you are accepted to the program you will need to obtain army exemption papers from your local Israeli consulate.
Want to know more about birthright requirement? contact our israel experts.