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Israel - Customized for your Campus!

Early bird applications are open for summer 2018!

Join the Israel Experts Birthright Israel trips designed especially for college students. Trade in your student ID for a free ten-day trip and prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Each season, Israel Experts partners with major college campuses and Hillels to create a unique trip that’s customized for each school. Sign up through your campus, travel with your friends and meet new ones too. Once you come back, your campus life will be better than ever! You’ll get your camel selfie, your covered-in-Dead-Sea-mud group shot and the perfect pic of your first bite of the best falafel – but on a Birthright Israel trip with Israel Experts, you’ll get so much more than the obvious. Your trip will be filled with unexpected surprises, meaning that you didn’t think you could find in such a short period of time, and memories that will last long beyond your college years. Oh, and did we mention that you’re going to have enormous amounts of fun, too?

If you’re from any of the following universities, we have a trip for you! If not, join one of our Discover Israel trips for 18-21 year olds!

  • Tulane University
  • Harvard University
  • Brandeis University
  • Oberlin College 

How to register for Birthright Israel