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Nate Kaplan Birthright Israel
Jul 09

Read what Nate Kaplan, a participant on our first Birthright Israel group of Summer 2017, has to say about his incredible Discover Israel trip last month!

Like Dreamers Birthright Israel
May 04

Your first trip to Israel will most definitely leave a lasting impression on you. You will encounter Israelis, visit tourist and heritage sites and experience rich local culture at its height.

Israeli Scientists Birthright Israel
Apr 30

Israel is a leader in global development of science and technology, ranking eleventh among the world’s most innovative countries, according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index in 2016.

Sam Schwarz Birthright Israel
Jul 31

“What was you favorite part of Israel.” It’s been the nonstop question that I have received since returning from my trip on June 25th, and I still don’t think I have an answer to it. I didn’t have any expectations when I left for Israel on June 11th from JFK.

Hannah Cotton Birthright Israel
Jul 31

I chose to go on Birthright with Israel Experts because I had friends who recommended the trips. Although some of the interest-based trips sounded cool, I wanted the most well rounded experience I could find. Discover Israel did not disappoint.

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